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guest enjoying a bath
Rest and recuperate.
Guests enjoying refreshments in the tranquil spa lobby

Traditional Rituals

Designed to enhance the body’s health and natural functions, our traditional Balinese rituals combine the healing properties of acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy with herbal tea and naturally sourced essential oils. As well as the Jati Luwih programme, we offer packages designed specifically for men's and women's needs, following techniques and recipes passed down through the generations. 

Massage & Reflexology

Let go of the stress and anxiety in your life and give in to the soft entreaties of an expert therapist with one of our signature massage treatments. No matter whether you opt for something tried and tested, like our classic Balinese Massage, or an infinitely less familiar dua puluh jari, herbal compress, or hot natural stone treatment. You'll be sure to leave our thermal spa feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Hands applying traditional Balinese massage techniques for relaxation
Fine tune your look.
Relaxing Balinese massage session with aromatic oils

Skin Therapy

Quench your skin’s insatiable thirst, set your mind at ease, and gently smooth and tone the contours of your silhouette with a programme of skin-friendly, dermatologically oriented treatments. After a quick one-to-one consultation with one of our therapists, you'll be invited to experience the hydrating power of our island spice treatment, our exfoliating salt scrub, or our intensely moisturising firming wrap. 

Beauty Treatments

You can rest assured you’ll set the right impression after an appointment with one of our beauticians. From nature-powered facials to hair conditioning creambaths, our experienced beauticians have all the ingredients you need to craft the perfect look. By the time you leave you'll feel altogether more confident, with the get up and go to take your date night, pool trip, or day at the beach in your stride.

Spa treatment room featuring soft lighting and relaxing ambiance
Stay awhile and indulge.
balinese massage with spiced herbal pouch for release tension

Wellness Escapes

True to Balinese tradition, our Seminyak resort reflects a commitment to holistic, transformative wellness experiences. An overnight stay with us means taking recuperation to the next level. You'll breeze from  your natural spa treatment into a quiet afternoon in the shade of our verdant gardens, a romantic dinner by candlelight and a late-night swim in a perfectly proportioned swimming pool.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga experiences offer you the opportunity to take some time out from your daily routine and focus on your general health and wellbeing. In Bali where traditional Hatha techniques are particularly well understood they offer opportunities, too, for reconnecting with your sense of self. Pair them with our targeted spa treatments and you have the perfect formula for a restored mind and body. 

Mindful yoga session amidst the serene beauty of a sunset-lit sky
White Sheet
Therapist applied the relaxing oil

Treatment Menu

Guest soaking up the sun on the balcony of a deluxe room

Room Options

Pair doing partner yoga poses surrounded by lush greenery

Activity Programmes

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