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Experience pure relaxation.
guests participating in a hatha yoga class

Hatha Yoga

Roll out your yoga mat at our place and try your hand at the programme of mental and physical training that has come to define holistic health. No matter whether you're rising and shining at 6:00 for a morning refresher or joining us after your lie-in for your very first class: our yoga gurus have the expertise to get your day off to a good start. Bali  has a long and rich spiritual tradition, after all.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is about strengthening your bones, your muscles, and your mind without putting too much pressure on your joints. Every move you make involves working against water, increasing calorie burn while reducing the scope for sprains. Sign up for a programme of classes through the course of your stay and you'll feel the restorative properties of this ever-popular science in no time.

guests participating in an aqua aerobics class
Make time for the kids.
Tilo Kids Club(1).jpg

Tilo Kids Club

Tilo Kids Club is the top choice in Seminyak, offering 300 sqm of fun-filled space for children aged 4-12 years, free of charge for in-house guests. Kids can enjoy a variety of engaging and energetic activities, including PlayStation, a movie room, science experiments, and cultural experiences with a Balinese guide, all supervised by our skilled attendants.


For children under 4 years old, a parent, nanny, or guardian must be present.

Holiday Photographs

Slip into traditional Balinese attire – shirt, kamen, and udeng for boys; kebaya, kamen, and selendang for girls – and make your way down to a nearby  Hindu temple for a family outing to remember. You will have opportunities to learn about the island's distinct customs from local guides and to experience them for yourself before you are invited for holiday photographs on our verdant lawn. 

guests wearing balinese dress
Escape the everyday.
guest participating in a canang making workshop

Canang Sari Workshop

Canang Sari is one of the principal daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to pay homage and tribute to the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Participate in our culturally sensitive Canang-making session and you'll have the opportunity to construct one of these deceptively small, hand-woven coconut-leaf baskets, whilst also learning about the the intricate belief systems from which the tradition emerged.

Scooter Tour

Our locally famous scooter experience allows you a great deal more flexibility than your average guided tour. From the saddle of a trusty Vespa you can feel the twists and turns of the roads, and experience Bali as the locals do. Winding your way through a cultural landscape punctuated with rice paddies, natural beauty spots, and ancient temples you'll sustain a real sense of what makes the island tick.

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White Sheet
Batam Massage

Montigo Wellness

Garden View

Room Options

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Bali Highlights

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